Our Beliefs:

We find the church on the edge of society today, not at the center of it. This gives us the opportunity to define her to the world rather than the other way around. We must speak a clear and consistent message of the claims Christ has on our lives – claims that include welcoming, forgiving, empowering and sending out to do likewise for others.

Peace is the most pressing issue facing the world, and not only global peace, but also peace within our communities and peace within ourselves. By giving all people the respect and dignity they deserve we can move toward true peace. Only by holding before people the vision that we all are God's children, that God wills good for us all and that God wants us to be responsible for our neighbor, can we begin to love each other. We can work to free our sisters and brothers to seek the will of God for their lives by taking active steps to relieve poverty, unemployment, ignorance, intolerance and homelessness. Once mutual respect and justice become the laws and not the exceptions, new opportunities will be opened for all, and we will all be a little closer to seeing the Kingdom of God here on earth. Working to understand others, helping to lift the oppressed, caring for the weak are all the work that brings justice, work that brings peace.

Love would go a long way in alleviating such problems as domestic violence, teen-age depression and suicide, substance abuse and street crime. The church is the place where people should find true acceptance, love and justice. By maintaining and strengthening these aspects of her life the church can present the gospel to people in such a way that it becomes alive and important for everyone – a life-changing experience. Only through concerted efforts to reach out to people where they live and by relying on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit can the church be an instrument of the love and peace of Christ her Lord.

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