• Rev. Kevin Murphy-Pastor

    Rev. Kevin Murphy comes from a background in professional theater so he brings that energy with him into worship. “Worship is my favorite time of the week. I love to create and participate in innovative expressions of faith.” He also likes mission work and has been involved in Habitat for Humanity and numerous trips to rebuild people’s lives and homes following natural disasters. “The church is only the church when we are reaching out to the world. I happen to have carpentry skills and truly enjoy that type of work. That’s how God calls me to make my faith real.”

  • Lori McDonough-Director of Music

    Although Lori McDonough studied music at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music for a time, she ended up earning degrees in education and is an elementary school teacher.  However, she has always loved being involved in music, especially church music, and was thrilled to take on the challenge of directing music at Northwest Community Church after having been involved in the church's music ministries for several years.  She primarily plays piano and flute, and she enjoys all styles of music.  All are welcome to join us in making a joyful noise to the Lord!

  • The Session

    Worship-Jean Williams & Kris Stahley, Christian Nurture- Sharon Stratman,
    Personnel-Sharon Suder, Nominating-Carol Brown, Mission-Jean Denny,
    Church Life - Anne Foster
    Clerk - Page Grad

  • The Deacons

    Sue Johnson (moderator), Alice Arnold,
     Melissa Carlson, Steve Liming, Mary Murphy,
    Jo Weissman, Steve Williams,Cindy Swillinger,
    Loretta Huddy, Elaine Kolb

  • The Trustees

    David Denny, Jo Liming, Allen Rahm,
    Bill Moore, Tadd Miller