Whether it is half-way around the world or right in our own backyard, God calls and we go.


Jesus calls each of us to show mercy and kindness to the whole world. At Northwest Community Church we take that call seriously. Everyone is invited into the world of service and enabled by our leadership to participate in various missions and ministries.

Ministries Housed at Northwest Community Church

Current Mission

Fall into Mission

Youth Mission Apprenticeship Program (MAP)

Supported Missions

In addition to the Ministries housed at NWCC (follow link above for details), God calls us to be in community with others. To answer that call, each year we support a variety of local, national and international organizations to spread the love of Christ near and far. Some of the organizations we regularly support are:

Barbara Busse continues ministering to the people of Tajikistan, carrying on showing the love of Christ through the mission program she and Woody built. Click HERE to read her most recent publication chronicling her and her daughters’ visit to Tajikistan.